Parsec is the Platform AbstRaction for SECurity, an open-source initiative to provide a common API to hardware security and cryptographic services in a platform-agnostic way. This abstraction layer keeps workloads decoupled from physical platform details, enabling cloud-native delivery flows within the data center and at the edge.

How it works



A common API that is truly agnostic and based on modern cryptographic principles


Security as a microservice, brokering access to the hardware and providing isolated key stores in a multi-tenant environment


A client library ecosystem that brings the API to the fingertips of developers in any programming language: easy to consume, hard to get wrong


An open-source project inviting contributions to enhance the ecosystem both within the service and among its client libraries

Parsec is an open source collaborative project

Note: Arm contributes to Parsec as part of Project Cassini.

Parsec is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation sandbox project.